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Everything is fine, I'm just enjoying a warm cup of piss.

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Why do we do kickflips?
My children, my children
Why do we do Kickflips?

We do kickflips to keep out the enemy, and the enemy is policing, and the kickflips keep out the enemy, that's why we do kickflips, we do kickflips to keep us free!

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Do the impossible, see the invisible!


Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable!


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Knzk won't ever be cancelled!
Knzk won't be dismantled!
Knzk gonna be together!
Knzk gonna be forever!

i filled up my bike tires and i feel like piccolo throwing off the weighted clothes

the human body has *** bones. well, mine has one more ;) *I stick out my tongue and show you my tongue bone*

Oooh, Stardew Valley on Switch has co-op now!

Hedgie in colour!

This one was out really late last night so we caught it in colour!


Disability and Mental Illness are not the problem. They're normal parts of life humans have always and will always have. We're not going to 'conquer' or 'kick disabilities' ass🙄. So instead of stigmatizing it & making life saving resources near impossible to get, lets make it fucking easier to navigate life or parenthood as a Disabled person or family of a Disabled child.

@Roxxie_Riot i got mine right here:

| It is valid for: |
| Mari from Mastodon |
| to text cuties |

There's too many cuties on the internet
They keep occupying space in my head
There's too many cuties on the internet
Maybe I should send one a text

shout out to tall girls

because you have to

they're tall

hi i would like to share about the "Night Witches" an all female soviet squadron of ww2 stealth bombers. they flew hand me down aircraft n were always underestimated. but would just fly low at night, turn off their godddamn engines midair and bomb the shit out of nazi forces! o yeah then fuxkin would like use their mapping pens as eyeliner during downtime. they earned their name from the rickety canvas wings making an ominous whooshing 'witches broom' sound before they released their bombs.

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