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Do the impossible, see the invisible!


Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable!


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Remember the three B's to suceed.


Only with these three can you become the apex of human evolution, and then go further beeyond.

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Shogun 2: Tsugaru Takachika Show more

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Knzk won't ever be cancelled!
Knzk won't be dismantled!
Knzk gonna be together!
Knzk gonna be forever!

Gonna scream into a pillow until conditions improve.

Stressed out and disappointed. Show more


yes please, i don't know of any stronger prescription available.

I. Hate. It. When. I. Lose. For. No. Reason.

I hate it more when I win but then just lose because video games are poorly made.

I did a mission in XCOM flawlessly and got a mission failed.

I got the VIP. I put the VIP on the skyranger. And then, the game was like "VIP's dead, mission failed"

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@Roxxie_Riot @jacethechicken depending on DnD edition, The Catholic Church could fucking stomp Hogwarts

Where do I watch cartoons on the computer I am super bored

not sure if this character is a belligerent drunk or if it's just the fan sub

She and her husband have had "spectacular housing karma" but now they're on the run from "tech trash."

"It's time to run." Get out while you can.

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