No offense but I’m sitting on my fucking porch

Whenever you press a libertarian on how they would solve basic problems their solution always ends up being many more layers of less accountable governments.

Air traffic control is sky cops and they’re fascist. Sorry not sorry

scientists predict that by july i will have said "hell yeah" to every person in the fediverse

This bus is way over capacity and the bus driver is driving like he’s shook, which is making me kinda nervous.

Can you imagine making an effort? Lol no way

official updated list of things that are funny and make a good post, April 2019:


official updated list of things that are NOT funny and make a BAD post, April 2019:


The fuck are any of you talking about?

all i do is fuck up pairs of headphones and say the word "flautist" in my head

Just hit 1 million followers on here. Thank you guys, this is a dream come true. I started on this website as a complete newbie, not knowing what I was doing and wow... look at me know. 1 million followers. I couldn’t have done this without you.

@Ross this one is good. I’m really having a good time with my own post here.

relaxing in my "woman cave" (the large mechanical womb i've created so i never have to interact with another human again)

this is not my beautiful horse,
this is not my beautiful knife

gave up porn for Lent, and in its place, i reply to every Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweet with a pic of the Hot Pocket i just microwaved. My priest tells me this is healthy behavior

jordan peterson nailing 95 rules for life to the local church door

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