Damn... What did I miss I just got back from Europe and I'm hearing all this talk of a quarantine what happened and when did this happen?

Damn looks like all my peeps are leaving noooooooooo....

Gotta love when your mind is going a million miles an hour and you can't focus on one thing longer than a second... O.o

1 million boosts and i'll replace my tinder bio with "soylent enema"

I have so much shit to do but I am just going to shove it til tomorrow XD

@root I'm glad you got everything all situated!!! Glad your back!

gotta love when you get blocked for no reason...

who tf is boosting my fucking toots...........

If you knew the exact date you were going to die what would you do??? I would probably go skydiving without a parachute!!! 🤔

What's up peeps it's been awhile been busy with school! Missed yah all!

@seagazelle Hehe what's up girl long time no see!!! You up and decided to move to the cool place! This was where I started out at actually! I just have multiple accounts so I can be in multiple places at once instead of just one place ;)

What's up peeps it's been awhile been super busy with school!!!

Haha the US doesn't even have a keyboard for regional accents Xd

elon musk: did you know that if you put on dark side of the moon and wizard of oz at the same time they sync up. far out man

Well good night guys I'm signing out... I have to finish some homework that I am procrastinating. Might be back on later but who knows 🤷‍♂️

That feel when you just want to shitpost or talk games but everyone is horny as shit

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