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I'm not voting and I encourage everyone to do the same.

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Oh gross rockstar makes the Red Dead Redemption 2 employees work 100 hour weeks? Not getting that game I guess.

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ok i'll bite... who is slovenian neo-lacanist continental philosopher slavoj zizek

New smash brothers character: Heihachi!

Can you survive the Mishima corporate civil war in Iron Fist Adventure Mode?

My soul is warmed by the mental image of Notch waking up to his candy being infested by all manners of insects. The vermin so prolific they are spilling out of the candy dispensers like something out of Poltergeist as Notch screams and screams.

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sometimes i think about what could have been if literally anyone but notch in the indie scene had gotten mega billionaire rich from a surprise hit and get sad
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the old testament: literally 1200 pages about the shitty greedy ruling class getting owned by God utterly destroying them

evangelicals: being rich means you are a good person and you always deserve it
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*a time portal opens in 1999. 2018 Pepsi steps out*

Younger me: holy shit are you me from the future?

Me: No time to explain kid

Younger me: How'd you get those badass face scars? Are you a warrior?

Me: Turns out you can get cystic acne well into your thirties. Now here's a list of girls that have crushes on you but you're too stupid to realize it yet.

*Pepsi enters the portal as it closes behind him*

I'm ready for the climate apocalypse because insects and soybeans is good eatin imo.

The best Chess strat is to create large pawn buffers while you turtle with rooks. From there you can build yourself a few Queens which will form the core of your combined arms force. Bishops and Knights are great complements to the Queen Hammer as they can easily protect the flanks.

Calvinballed chess with multiple boards would probably be pretty fun.

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writing walking dead fanfiction where rick's quasi fascist dictatorship gets crushed by a people's commune

Doesn't seem to matter how early I wake up my brain won't fully operate until like noon.

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*closes history book* wow, thank god that’s all over

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getting distinct Bad Day energy but only within the past 5 minutes. what gives. this is bullshit. i dont want a sample of next week’s.

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you, a commoner: i'm going to make a markov chain that writes poetry.
me, an intellectual: i'm going to make a markov chain i can rap into that will follow along and freestyle hype me.

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Huge Star Trek fan here, but I got to say: The Orville is better than all the recent Star Trek franchises I've seen.

You can roast me now.

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