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Boggles the mind that people think this is the strongest, its like an emperor has no clothes kinda thing.

Lol bloodborne is alright but insanely overrated so far, vastly inferior to demon souls and dark souls 1/2, slightly worse than DS3. Definitely the weakest, soundtrack excluded.

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being away for a long time then released by a tinkering wizard in a great deluge is a lot like being a demon which is sort of my thing.

monster hunter world is damn good, in some ways I like it more than the souls series.

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racism/colonization etc.. in fantasy Show more

its really sad that fantasy settings don't have more multiracial societies, or better yet, new peoples emerging from cultural exchange etc. Just weirdo scientific racism for the most part.

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friendship ended with eugen is cancelled
now being grateful that eugen fixed knzk is my best friend

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i won't make a whole thread about this but like i think you should engage with fantasy tropes and think about why like especially the western history of fantasy seems to not question like straight up murdering the more "monstrous humanoids" and the place of real moral and ethical questions come to killing fantasy races that look just like us but like a tiny bit different. anyways i have a paper to write so i will stop here.

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@RedCeres imagine a society that welcomed artistic critique directly into public space!!! under capitalism publicly visible art (advertising) is always used cynically to try to distort reality to sell you something or manipulate your attention. it sucks and is exhausting.

My ideal communist society would absolutely employ artists of all kinds to utilize public spaces to enrich society as well as providing the means for said artists to further their craft. Imagine all public advertisements, for example, being replaced with both commissioned pieces but also spaces where artists are encouraged to do as they please in the interests of experiment and commentary. I would much rather see this.

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a utopian future where local ambient musicians compose pieces for the metro light rail system
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Tech diffusion is such a better system than tech trading.

Been playing civ 4 caveman2cosmos lately. Still in development and has come a long way since I last played it.

Currently in a giant map of earth playing as what would be the precursor to the Shang dynasty. You can build cultures so I'll be developing Shang proper very soon.

Hey folks been gone for a bit whattya all talking about to-

*sees wound cube and makes a powerful 'yuck' face while walking off*

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