Boost to add another pollen granule to this bat's little face

@Pixley I will not. Poor little bat I hope he doesn’t have a pollen allergy.

@Pixley can't get over how bad it's hayfever must be

@i_a_n his pride in his work surely overcomes any seasonal allergies that he might suffer

Those pollen, they are so bright yellow, you want to lick them! Well, until you realize that's a bat. And they are cute, but I'm not licking no bat.

A gorgeous photo. I especially like the contrast. The bat, the pollen. And that tongue is just perfect.

@Qwxlea has LOTS more photos of pollen-covered bats!

Hmm my current location is (geo-) blocked.

But it works using tor.

Wife and I will be looking at bats.

Wife says, not the bat eating the frog...


@Pixley where do these bats reside? My neighborhood bats eat bugs, bless their tiny hearts.

@Jbell419 you know, I'm not sure where this particular bat is from! Pollinator bats tend to be tropical, but they also pollinate cacti and agave in deserts. Bats do so many useful things!!

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