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BY THE WAY: all the wildflowers I post are native to Illinois, because I missed all the local forest preserves and parks I followed on Twitter and am trying to recreate that for myself

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I've never run more than one mile

I was never grounded as a teen, partly because of, you know, everything I have said, but also because my parents are hippies

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I've never graduated from college, looooooooooooooooooooooool

I've never been in the attic in the house I've lived in for three years, could be Hereditary up there, who can say

40. I've never heard "Despacito" outside of a figure skating context (I can't be 100% sure of this, but I'm pretty sure)

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It'd be a real shame if a bunch of people went to this shitty article, hit the "Quick Poll" button in the upper right and voted for inclusion.

Sure hope nobody does that. You little rascals.

You know what, there are also things that I have done that most people haven't, like be on "Jeopardy!" and testify at a trial and well no wait that's basically it

I've, uh, I've got chickens too

I've never had a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte

I never went to a "party" in high school, nor was I ever invited (my husband, from the next town over, informs me that the Johnsburg party scene was very bad anyway)

I've never enjoyed a single song by Soundgarden

35. I've never seen any of the Marvel movies

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I've never seen a panda but six weeks from now that will not be the case, if all goes as planned (maybe I'll touch the ocean when I'm in San Diego too)

I've never gotten a bikini wax and it sounds like my actual literal worst nightmare, I have a stomachache just typing this

I've never been pregnant (and, unless a cascading series of catastrophes happens, I never will)

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