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Please do not ever try to explain anything to me if we are not friends or mufos, I promise you I will not appreciate it

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I'm just working out my whole deal here, don't mind me

Good night, the only good post I made today was the walrus but I made it the whole day without actually crying, what a success

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He would like to add, "mispronounce things on your own time, Jonny Sun! JONMY"

I have just learned that Jason Isbell is going to be in the Deadwood movie, that there is going to be a Deadwood movie, and that Jason Isbell is incredibly handsome, learning a lot of things right now

I just explained Jonny Sun to my husband and read him parts of his book until he very sternly said, "stop reading these to me!", he enjoys my company

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First snow of the season in the northeastern corridor, and you know what that means!

Gritty must feast

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@Pixley whatever size you are, ignore that. order a different size and pray, but no god will help you here

What happens to the shoes at size 9, why does the sizing break down in a bizarre and granular way and what does that mean for me, a size 10

I would like to buy some Bean Boots but I am caught in a panic

Fuck you, Javy Báez is the MVP of my heart and other parts of my body

I wonder if people would honk at me less or more if they knew there was a 60% chance that it would make me burst into tears

A cool fact about me is that I have no idea how to talk about music, or movies, or books, or really any art I like or dislike, it's a fun way to be

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One of my favourite plants, Verbena bonariensis. This architectural plant adds height and structure to your garden. Here the afternoon light captures it's shadow on our wooden bin store.

It is is loved by butterflies during summer and autumn, and if you leave the flowers to set seed, in winter it will attract Goldfinches.

It's a short-term hardy perennial, so only lasts 2-3 years, but will self-seed if happy, so you can end up with lots of free plants.

#Gardening #Plants

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Hmmm is this the winter I finally break down and get the shearling-lined Bean boots??

In today's Reply All, Gritty is described as "being made by a prison artisan with a lot of talent" and this is such an inspirational aesthetic

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I made it through the conference call, please clap

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