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There are grammatical errors in a few Front Bottoms songs, and I don't know if I should fix the subject/verb agreement when singing along, or if I should just respect the text

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I'm just working out my whole deal here, don't mind me

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My sexuality is people with nice forearms discussing things they feel very strongly about while flipping a baseball bat

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Please do not ever try to explain anything to me if we are not friends or mufos, I promise you I will not appreciate it

Thinking a lot today about being a better person over time but still being aware of how terrible a person I used to be, so:


In the spirit of Easter, if this toot gets 50 boosts I will link everyone to both of my poetry deviantart accounts, circa 2007, and you can roast the hell out me for eternity

I uh......I'm glad knzk is back but I'm going to stay here

You know what, OKAY


@Pixley FINE

(deleted and redrafted to note that follow requests will be open until I post about my job)

Not to be dramatic but this federation business FEEELS LIKE PURGATORY

Good morning knzk, how is our weird void doing today

My nephew just sent me a video of a book-scanning robot, I think he is threatening me

I just rationalized someone not texting me back with "it's probably a federation issue" before remembering that texting does not work that way

It is genuinely upsetting to me that Ellie Kemper is not my actual second-best friend, I want to talk about the Baby-Sitters Club and Dave Eggers with her while we drink a pot of coffee before sunrise

Infinite Jest is not that hard to read and I wish people would stop talking about it like it is an absurd task, it is 2018

@Pixley dog with frisbee meme:
Pls Gritty??
No Flyers!!

I click on every piece of Gritty content I ever see and now Google sends me alerts about Flyers scores, how do I tell it I only love Gritty

Scrooge McDuck has a ghost butler, in case you're wondering how the rich feel about retirement

Okay but am I ever going to get the notifications I missed when knzk was all smushy

cw: my actual penis. if you click this, you will be looking at a penis. this is not a joke

me, opening every cw I see without thinking "man, what the hell, I didn't want to look at a penis"

@Pixley @dirt We can all agree that crushing on dirt is the answer. This will unite the left and revolution will come.

good news: your enemies are dead
bad news: they died of old age

I will assign you a tree if you want but only if I know you pretty well, judge for yourself if I am capable of telling you what tree you are

This would be a good time to finish assigning people trees, I feel bad that I never did and I got nothing to do tonight

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