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I don't know if is still having issues but I'm posting mostly from @OsaEngawa for the time being. Still :hacker_k: :hacker_n: :hacker_z: :hacker_k: :hacker_g: :hacker_a: :hacker_n: :hacker_g: 4 lyfe tho

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Now they stood before the treasure
On the mountain dark and red
Turned the stone and looked beneath it
“Our terms and conditions have changed,” was all it said.

just told a guy on tumblr that the E in STEM stood for English Literature and he blocked me

I really wanna push people to join smaller instances because it creates a better Fediverse for everyone.

Arnold Palmer murdered fewer people than his brother Leland

Witches aren’t just a post-Christianity thing. The Romans were freaked out by witchcraft, which in their literature usually correlated to religious practice that was uncontrolled by the State

lifehack: girls are 👏 valid 👏 and i love it :heart_trans:

lots of people with funky fresh new genders and pronouns lately. to that i say: hell yeah

its called a boost u tumblr fucks ... ur still all my children and i love u dearly but get it right .


First of all welcome to mastodon! :blobderpy: We’re glad to have you here. Unfortunately, you’ve joined knzk at a terrible time because we are experiencing technical difficulties that prevent us from federating / interacting with instances outside of knzk. I would recommend making an alt account with another instance for the time being to really get the full masto experience & come back when knzk is poppin again

just so it's clear: the show "Garfeild And Friends" is about the adventures of me and all of my followers

weird thing about tumblr users is they don't worship every single word that I, a veteran, have to say

Give me your kinnies, your aces, your horny masses yearning to nut free.

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