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To the tune of "Jolene":

Ive never used you in a game
Because your moveset's super lame
and I can not compete with you

Those flaming fins of auburn fire
Don't make me want to train you higher
Now take your tiny horn and shoo

Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen GOLDEEN

Please take off and go back to the seaaa

Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen GOLDEEN

A Magikarp would have more use to meeee

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Hi, I'm A.J. You might remember me from such classic toots as "Jolene/Goldeen" and "All those other ones about baseball that get totally ignored."

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Hello there
The hedgehog from my nightmare
The Shadow in the jpeg on the net
The unsuspected thiccness

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Ya'll know me. I'm the girl that hands out more gold stars then a drunk second-grade teacher on the last day of school.

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selfie? kinda? Art, yes. Show more

Sabrina got a Rosemary's Baby makeover in this game.

...Still here for it.

LGE Thoughts:

After the evil mafia head is forced to abandon his plans because he lost to a little girl for a second time, I expected to get praise and goodies from the Silph people.

Silph person: "Well, better get back to work."

.......Dafuq?!? You were part of a hostage crisis and all you can think of is getting back to work?!?

Capitalism has sunk its greedy claws deep in you, friendo.

Getting that Final Jeopardy question right because of Epic Rap Battles of History.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the new Spartacus.

Friday is my Monday right now so I hate myself enough to go get McDonalds for breakfast.

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LGE Thoughts:

Koga comes in here all hot to trot, doing all these teleports and clone jutsus and saying how he's the ninja master and all that, then I whoop him 4 v 4 and afterwards all he can say is "Here. Take a Soul Badge". Man is just a wannabe Sasuke who only has the moodiness down pat.

I'm coming out Show more

Bringing down the sky for people, but all they do is shrug.

People need to come out as kinky now? I thought we all just assumed everyone was kinky and left it at that.

The tech bros on Mastodon are a lot like the Skaven from Warhammer. They were always here, actually, scurrying around beneath the fediverse. But now the Cismentide is upon us, and they’ve come swarming into the daylight.

I think I am running out of stuff to say online. Never thought this would happen...

So does mean I can get cheap goods from Britain now?

Guy Fawkes, named after a bostonian talking about their friend's sexual prowess

@NeoAJ this is a niche (for Masto)joke and I fit comfortably right inside that niche

The Oilers are North America's most raver-friendly sports team, because everytime they are on TV, they rep EDM so hard.

Selfie, Eye Contact Show more

These are my sons Brad, Randy, and Randy. I was gonna name them after the kids from Home Improvement but I forgot the youngest kid's name so I just named them after Jonathan Taylor Thomas twice

Sorry I havent been here lately. Been busy freezing my nipples off chasing pro athletes around a ship and dumping what has been described as "spinach brownie batter" onto my partner's head. Y'all know how it is.

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