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Take me down to the Parody City where the words are changed to a familiar ditty

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To the tune of "Jolene":

Ive never used you in a game
Because your moveset's super lame
and I can not compete with you

Those flaming fins of auburn fire
Don't make me want to train you higher
Now take your tiny horn and shoo

Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen GOLDEEN

Please take off and go back to the seaaa

Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen GOLDEEN

A Magikarp would have more use to meeee

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Hello there
The hedgehog from my nightmare
The Shadow in the jpeg on the net
The unsuspected thiccness

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selfie? kinda? Art, yes. Show more

Forced Stealth Week is over!!! Also my massage got pushed back to Friday, but still! Pants are coming off! Celebration!

Every time I see something think that the US and Canada are linked at the hip like conjoined twins, I want to yell at them for such a slanderous insult. Economically? Sure. Culturally? Not as much as people think. Politically? Hell no. At least not yet. So kindly refrain from lumping the two together. Thanks.

All right, kitteh has left me, so its time to go to sleep. Night y'all wonderful people!

So tempted to set up a tellonym but will be sad when no one messages it.

I am laying in bed with a cat on my stomach. AMA for the next 10 minutes while I am awake.

My cousin is so much on my style of humor, I wouldnt be surprised if my parents traded him to my aunt and uncle for a chainsaw when he was born.

so, i'm working on an assignment on the history of trans women in tech.

the problem is that actually *searching* for names of trans women who have worked, historically, in tech so that i can look into them is proving to be difficult, never mind trans PoC.

so uhh, can anyone point me in the right direction or give me leads? i'm going to be doing quite a bit of my own research later.

Question for people with piercings:

Eventually I want to get my nose pierced, but I always figured I would just get a stud in the side. I see a lot of people with pierced septums, so is that a better option than the side stud? I have done little research since the ears are going to be done first, but just wondering since I see the majority of piercings on here in the septum.

One more night, y'all. One more night and then I can sit on the couch in my bra and panties watching jeopardy again. Gonna be so sweet.

Also, as a reward to myself for making it through Forced Stealth week, I booked a massage with a queer-friendly masseuse who recently opened an office up the hill from me. Alanis knows I have needed a full on massage for a loooooooooong time, so Imma get me one.

So life updates: Today I travel to the homelands to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. I look forward to getting many questions about my nails over steaming plates of chicken balls and gai din.

"Excuse me, can we have a minute of your time to talk about J-"

"Pssht, I'm so fucking holy, you don't even know."

Boom. Come back from that Mormons.

"I'm so fucking holy" is now officially my blowoff phrase for anyone talking that stuff at me.

I got like pure Ghost. Definitely not what I expected. Just call me Mismagius I guess.

OK. Instead of other people telling to what type of Pokemon you are, have this quiz do it instead! Its the right link and everything!

Baseball fact: The loser of the yearly set between the White Sox and Red Sox has to abandon "Sox" for the rest of the season and become the White/Red Crocs.

The only time I cared about baseball was when the Cubs won the world series a few years back and as soon as the game was over I texted my brother and said "trump is going to win"

I have a new, more low-key and personal account now @laserbeams HMU if we mufos.

My toots are like a tree falling in the forest. If I toot and no one sees it and I delete it, did it ever really exist?

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