some of the worst advice is "don't hit the snooze button, simply get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off"

like yes when my brain is at its weakest state i will simply avoid the strongest temptation i ever experience

Here are the lyrics, in their entirety, to “Oh Yeah” by Yello:
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
The moon, beautiful
The sun, even more beautiful
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

*walks up to a lesbian couple* so which one of you listens to MBMBAM and which one of you listens to The Mountain Goats?

Hilarious gender dysphoria joke Show more

When you're a tiny elf who's into racing, the mount possibilities are endless

Got my family discussing different types of wetland

It seems bogs are very popular

im gonna say it. cancel me if you want. i dont care anymore Show more

every time someone tells me that they don't know what the fuck im saying i only become stronger.

It's 3am and i'm blasting the Jet Set Radio soundtrack y'all shit is lit


@LongGreenBinch if as part of our torrid and passionate lovemaking bowser wants to poke me with his incredibly large spikes, i suppose that's just the cost of a true connection

your heart is a muscle the size of a rat,
so keep on loving,
keep on fighting,
and hold on,
hold on,

hold onto your rat

boost if you literally want to destroy western civilization

a light that glows red when billie eilish is playing Show more

you ever snap and surprise yourself with your own finger power

Who's down to start a rollerblader gang for us cool teens

We get cool nicknames and have fun wheel activities

netflix rejected my pitch for a sitcom about a feudal peasant travelling into the future and getting an apartment with a modern-day transphobe. can't believe they didn't like serf and terf :(

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