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100% Brat
100% Rope bunny
96% Switch
83% Owner
82% Vanilla
79% Submissive
70% Pet
69% Primal (Prey)
64% Masochist
64% Degradee
62% Sadist
55% Experimentalist
49% Master/Mistress
48% Rigger
42% Dominant
42% Voyeur
40% Daddy/Mommy
37% Exhibitionist
34% Non-monogamist
31% Slave
11% Ageplayer
7% Brat tamer
4% Primal (Hunter)
1% Boy/Girl
0% Degrader - 2/2

fresh topless lewd pic 3 

fresh topless lewd pic 2 

fresh topless lewd pic 1 

Lewd, butt, nude 

I actually want to lay on top of myself in this picture. I look like a soft place to be comfortable and warm (nude)

[Side boob] Was trying to take a good picture of my tattoo, accidentally took a somewhat sexy pic instead.

light bdsm, lewd, 1st person, nude 

Lewd Poetry I gone and done Time. This one is titled: Sexual Frustration 

Paula kissed her. Paula kissed her hard on the lips. Paula kissed her hard on the lips, parted and pink. Paula kissed her hard on the lips, parted and pink between her soft thighs.

Lewd Poetry I gone and done Time:
This one is titled:

Paula Kissed

Superficial holes need superficial fillers
Dicks, dildos, tongues and fingers.
But the holes in my psyche are the holes for my demons.
They can’t be filled with gestures or semen.
Those are for me, for masturbating my reality.
to fall in love… to be together.
Ridiculous expectations… the result of expired tradition.
You will fail to receive that which does not exist.
So just grab my tits and press your mouth to my lips.

“But I gave her everything,
but I was a saint.”
But no, you were a fucking taint.
You wanted to get and that’s why you gave
you wanted a beautiful, infatuating slave
Fuck popular bred trust
give me chemical lust.

Make myself into a whore
I’ve been there before
The lesson of this ’sin’ begins within
the philosophy.
Society, a judgemental prick, calls it a monstrosity
but it’s simple
it’s lean
You can make it obscene
But the honest truth is it’s not easy to be easy
to rise above the want of love
Love is for family,
love is for friends
romance is for those to be called a martyr in the end

Lewd Poetry I gone and done Time:
This one is titled:

For a good time (not your grandma’s love poem)

bad medical advice shitpost, genitals 

1. Silk Ropes, so many
2. a comfortable adjustable bench, bolted to the floor.
3. Assortment of Dildos and vibrators (including a hitachi MW)
4. comfortable harness
5. top grade Fucking machine

Top 5 must have pieces of equipment for your sex room, ready? Go!

eugens nipples are crumbs and im a roomba

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