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Titus is basically always cute, but I get really amused when she sits on the edge of the bed like this with her toes just hanging off

we keep this blue blanket folded at the bast of the bed because they treat it like a cat bed. they have a bunch of cat towers and beds, but they spend all their time on this or the computer chairs

catching her indulging in boxes and things is always as funny as catching the queen of england slurping on an icecream cone. she is much too fancy to acknowledge how normal of a cat she is

It's been a good day of vodka hucks (huckleberry vodka, soda water, and lime)

boost my birthday toot as an act of resistance against the status quo trying to uphold linear time... please. do this, it gets all of us one step closer to the revolution.

This is coming from a place of making a living wage but

‘Capital stealing the value of my labor’ doesn’t feel nearly as important as capital stealing my LIFE.

40 hours of my week + recovery time. My education choices. Where I can live. Whether I own a pet. Capitalism limits all the wonderful things I could do in life.

I know money can acquire some of these things. I just think the phrase ‘capitalism steals the value of your labor’ isn’t communicating well how much capitalism steals from us.

In fifth grade we were assigned secret admirers by our teacher. My friend got her bully. At the end of the week, we were asked to guess who it was. The bully got mad that my friend couldn't guess, and said, "I haven't been mean to you all week." ......I know we were only 10, but that should have been her baseline. She should have shown admiration. Being nice to someone is not admiration. Being nice 8s what one should be doing to everyone they interact with. Admiration is for close relationships.

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My animals don't trust each other yet....I put a steak between them...

The first five people to boost this will have their avatars turned into shapes in the clouds.

Also, don't be afraid to be sad. It is a necessary step to becoming happy. Because it let's people know you need help.

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