D&d posting:

For the last couple years, my wife has been such a great source of help when brainstorming adventure plots and little details. It's so nice when I need a little polish or when I'm completely stuck.

She came up with the idea of having a town that works like Omelas from that book by Ursula LeGuinn, and seeing what the players do with the premise (they rescued the kid and doomed the town lol)


selfie ec 


This is super cool! I would have never thought to use calligraphy techniques this way :) I'm impressed @Laceyforestart


"something weird may be something familiar viewed from a different angle." Marceline's mom.

the only two substances a nugget can be made out of are chicken or gold. i think about this a lot



I guess being sick today means watching Jumangi (the original) and Edward Scissorhands.

LMFAO, you aren’t sorry for party rocking, you’re just sorry you got caught.

That tiny bit of oil helped more than 4 ibuprofen.

Took some CBD oil for my pain and feel almost better. I wish I felt better about using it and still going to work.

I've been more productive this morning than I have in my entire life.

Eye contact, but also cute dog 

At least I have a polar bear dog who wants to cuddle while I'm sick. :)

Eye contact, but also cute dog 

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