そのため、Knzk.meを利用していただいているユーザーの方々にはKnzk.meと同じ機能を持った というインスタンスを用意していますので、よろしければそちらを利用していただければと思います。

[An important announcement for all users and another instance administrators]'s Mastodon server is to be transferred from imncls's home to a data-center.
As this process will involve physically moving the server unit, service will be suspended between the 8th and the 10th of February.
(*Please note that as the server will in part undergo major changes, extensions to the suspension period could arise.)
Because of this, our users are welcome to use the instance we have prepared at with the same functionality as
In respect of this, should importing of follow lists etc. be required, please ensure that this is completed by no later than the 8th of February.
and, we would like to sorry for another instance administrators.

@y こういうとこくそだからknzk.appは対応させてほしい😇

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