There was trouble of TL and instance down for several hours, but it was solved.
The cause was an attack by an external user.

@Knzk what do we know about the attacker? and what kind of attack was it?

if you don't mind me asking

We increased the load with a large number of reply transmissions using the tool.
I found a problematic user from the log data.
I think that it is safe because I blocked the user in question!!!

@Knzk thank you for working so hard to fix it! i'm glad you figured out the problem.

Thank you for letting me know if there is always a problem✌

@Knzk Thank you very much for fixing the problem, it sounds like it was a difficult one to track down.

@Knzk well that's just rude of them. Thanks for fixing it!

@Knzk do you know why the instance doesn't federate anymore??

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