Today I let many people worry.
Everything started with a small misunderstanding, and language mismatch occurred and it developed greatly.
I thought that I had to learn English and foreign rules etc early.
I am immature but I would like to continue to do my best.

@Knzk you are a good admin and I am proud of you, you are doing a good job

@Knzk thank you for trying and learning! I will be patient when the language barrier makes communication difficult.

I want to make an effort until the day the language barrier disappears✌

@Knzk You're great. This is your instance and you run it well. Pay no attention to the colonizers and those that want to do you harm.

I would like to cherish the KNZKGANG who love




@Knzk doing your best is all that matters, true knzk gangbangers know this. keep it up friend!! :googlecatheart:

@Knzk people make mistakes, we are only human. language barriers make it hard to clear things up, but you did your best, given the situation.

If I noticed it earlier, the problem did not become big, but I regret a bit.
However, it was good that you could solve my misunderstanding safely.

@Knzk do your best! I'm cheering for you! がんばってね!!

@purgatos I am thinking that I will do my best as long as there are someone who can expect me.
Thank you for choosing

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