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Notification from the administrator: 

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【 運営終了のお知らせ】 

今〜7/1 0:00 JST(knzk.me閉鎖) まで、knzk.meユーザはKnzkLiveで配信できるようになりました!!
また、ログインしたことのないknzk.meユーザでも @nzws にメンションして頂ければ有効化します。
* knzk.meアカウント以外には付与できません。
* ガイドラインに同意できる方が対象です。
* 運営が不適切と判断した配信は強制終了, 権限剥奪を行います。 - KnzkLive

KNZK gang only 

Awe, knzk thought we’d all immediately leave after the shutdown announcement and he logged on to see this MFer flourishing still

I'm happy to make a place to stay in your heart 😂👍

A week has passed since the important report, but everyone settled down? :blob_dizzy_face:

KNZK members are welcome on

knzk was great. but we can, and will, rebuild

archives can be downloaded. accounts can be refollowed. but we all need to pitch in

if you know someone who had a knzk account and no longer does, make sure they download their archive.

in fact, now is a great time to download every archive you have

knzk was my first account. when i joined, .social has registrations closed and it suggested knzk and i entered into this magical strange instance full of wonderful strange people. it’s been an amazing home and kanzaki has been truly an amazing admin. i am genuinely deeply saddened, but im also immensely grateful to have had this place.

:anidab_right: :hacker_k: :hacker_n: :hacker_z: :hacker_k: :hacker_f: :hacker_o: :hacker_r: :hacker_e: :hacker_v: :hacker_e: :hacker_r: :anidab_left:

KNZK was good for us. Mastodon is a good community, we have made it a good community, and we're allowed to feel connected to it because its ours

You made so many good friends, and shared so many meaningful laughs. It is not immature to feel sadness at change. It is not something you have to get over. It is natural and healthy to feel sadness and even to enjoy moments of sadness. Be proud that you felt enough to feel sad. It speaks to our genuine emotional connections here


I really like KNZK, both the person and the server, so big sad

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