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proud to announce that i am now managing a boy band! they are 5 extraordinarily talented young men and they all look just like Chris Kirkpatrick did in 1998

is that a gun in your pocket or is your penis shaped like a gun

the fact that beto o'rourke has said multiple times that his enemies deserve to be "elbow dropped in the testicles so hard that any children they might already have disappear from the impact" gives a frightening new dimension to his constant climbing

You've seen Three Men and a Baby, now get ready for Three Babies and a Man

hmm who could've guessed that the RuPaul's Drag Race episode focused around Donald Trump would be horrible

@Katie "pillow fight! but seriously, ever just look at the ocean and thing about how insignificant we are?"

we're at a sleepover together. it's 3 am and we're in 8th grade. the lights are turned off in your bedroom. after minutes of silence i ask you if you think there's a god

@Katie i hate when i get kicked out of the local neo-nazi fraternity when they see my punisher tattoo as "offensive" and "basically whiteface". buddy, my parents forced me to do whiteface when i was born.

currently in the middle of getting a $20 face tattoo of the punisher logo from my racist neighbor. now that's what i call the free market baby

the only college i ever attended was the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS!! got kicked out for being too STUPID

Storming the CBS headquarters with a water gun I painted black, demanding to see where they keep the young Sheldon

we are all lambs of god and the devil is trying his hardest to shear our wool, clipping off pieces of our soul. that's why bald people are evil

the really remarkable thing about chapo trap house is that they all look equally weird

it wasn't until the release of Nosferatu in 1922 that people realized that vampires could have sex appeal

i eat a little bit of rat poison everyday just to build up a resistance in case the rats come back to get their revenge

-sees giant gorilla climbing the empire state building- this is new york baby

do NOT throw rice at a bird wedding or the newly married couple might eat it all off the ground and EXPLODE

dick cheney didn't mean to shoot that guy and he also didn't mean to encase that other guy's feet in concrete and throw him in the hudson river

it is incredibly complicated to play russian roulette with a bow and arrow and i dont blame you for not understanding

hey it's guy fieri, welcome to flavortown. the only town in america where murder is legal

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