I told my brother about the big dragon dildos and he already knew about them

@jizzwitch Also, your lips look amazing. Ok I’m done now. 🥰

At the holiday party last month, I told a pretty important person from another company that his product was no good and that he should hire smarter developers. I have regrets.

I bought a sub par iMac in 2012 and it’s still ruining my life.

Me: i love Mastodon. Decentralized social media all the way. i hope everyone quits Twitter and signs up

Me: *thinks about my co-workers seeing my profile*

Me: some people can stay on Twitter. That's fine

I tried out Wasabi and when I didn’t sign up after my trial ended, they deleted my account. Rude.

The knzk dark hole saga is so strange. I cannot imagine what kind of unity the crew developed during their time locked outside of the universe.

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The family want to New Hampshire to see the ice castles. This is the new rainbow slide they built.

Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door and I would have invited them in and told them about KNZK if the house was cleaner.

@gargron @Slipperywerm I have yet to see Eugen and Self Agency together in the same room...

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