i've been glared at by dipshits from multiple generations for my anti pearl jam stance but i've been on this hill since before most of you were born and i have every intention of dying on it.

#libre #foss 

Technology is wild. We invented computers, but we have to figure out how to tell them what to do and figure out why they aren’t listening

meta CW 

begging for money, poverty, boosts much appreciated, sorry 

I really like that the leaked Radiohead songs are not cheap and that the profits go to charity. Power move.

Seiken Densetsu 3 is coming to the Switch! Wooo. In English!

We're not going to invent our way out of problems whose solutions are kindness, solidarity, revolution.

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Political / Social 

Political / Social 

I'm happy to make a place to stay in your heart 😂👍

Me, taking a seat at the admin lunch table: workin hard or hardly working am I right

Happy birthday, girls on Mastodon, who are now 27.

Going to increase my posting exponentially until KNZK.me is dead.

Programming Language Opinions 

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