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People at my workplace are reading URLs to each other across the open office. 😳

I went to a private ski lodge in Montana with a shared movie theater (movies on demand). It was so amazing. Everyone should have access to something like this.

I would like to live in a co-housing community of fun families. Like a gated community, but instead of having shared tennis courts, there’s a shared movie theater, dining / community space, and a nearby train station and water park.

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I will never watch a show about gamers and I think frankly that the national obsession with a fictional battle over who gets to sit in the gaming chair is a sign of serious cultural decay

Also Flight of Dragons by Rankin and Bass. Lost forever?

There are shows that I loved as a kid which aren’t viable under capitalism, and that just doesn’t work for me. Where is Ring Raiders? Dino Riders? What the fuck?

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The latest version of Toot! app reversed Federated and Local timelines, which really messed me up. “Why so many anime tiddies?”

I was attacked. Most shocking!

— Melbil Tomêmoddom, Miner

What’s a good JRPG that’s not written to be similar to other JRPGs and also isn’t porny?

i showed you my black hole please respond

Hey guess what Eugen works hard and I appreciate him so so so much

someone who makes 5 posts a month, never interacts, and never boosts: people on masto aren't funny and are too horny and nice it's annoying

me, the too nice masto user: then fuck off to Twitter shithead

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how do i set up an online used clothing shop for LGBT ppl in need that doesn’t get taken advantage... this is serious...

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