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Remember when Hilary said that the dnc leaked emails that showed how corrupt she /they are was like a cyber 9/11?

Tom Clancy’s Double Rainbow (EPIC REMIX)


say some shit like, “mom took my Xbox away let’s play fifa at ur house bitch”

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Barack HUSSIEN obama!???!!?? Coincidence?? I think not!!

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Proud of the 6yo for properly sorting the pig under the correct letter

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Ever have a chef steal your prep? And these guys think taxation is theft?? Foh outta here!!!!

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The existence of the Power User implies the existence of the Wisdom User and Courage User. Discuss.

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now that pepsi's gone i can trash talk SNL in fucking peace

A little known chef’s tip: if you are ever out of powdered sugar, u can substitute salt+corn starch in a 1:1 ratio for the same flavor equivalent

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