Kinda grainy, here’s my senior year apartment, so much shit in so little space. We had two turntables a kegerator and a projector

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@dayglochainsaw the wife was ready to buy a whole ass new vacuum, all it needed was a little TLC!!

@Adoxographer *ring ring ring* hello? Yes, is your penis running?

I just discovered my vacuum comes like completely apart and it’s super easy to clean. Now I can vacuum my house with a regular vacuum instead of a shopvac and I’m very happy. Gotta celebrate the little victories

@brosadist hell yeah that game whips ass. They shoulda stopped making video games after that

Homsar is trans and, not gonna lie, she’s pretty hot. But, like, in a modest way. Homsar is a modestly hot girl.

Let air dry for 24 hours?? Foh outta here! This bad boy’s going in the over at 180 for ten minutes then we’re good to go!!

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