It's that time once again, thinking of some twisted death metal riffs. Palm muted style

You: "please stop trying to make 'post without fear' a thing"

Me: "sounds like you're posting, with fear"

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No friends on here hate everyone, still posting. Posting isn’t about clout it is about your personal relationship with yourself. I don’t need engagement, I am engaging with my soul and with god and that is what matters

Going down another dangerous route... listening to a load of 90s grunge and metal. Cripes, I ain't getting to bed any time soon.....

Punch! Kick! Break my own leg because I don't drink enough milk! Cry!

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Democratic People's Republic of Knzk

Sorry, can't talk now - too busy renaming myself to "Do Not Resuscitate" by deed poll

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my cat just booped my nose with her nose

Got drunk, went and hung up a tapestry, absolutely fucking nuts

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@Joe_Platt hmm. if you ask me, they should call it funstar heroes because it still holds up.

Playing Gunstar Heroes on a totally legit console, on the train!

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Cant think of anything to post so here's this

One of these days I'm going to achieve self-actualisation. Until then, however..... *reaches for the biscuit box*

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