you ever have one of those days that's so frustrating, you want to eat your own face

Hooting, hollering, and generally just being a piece of shit . That's my modus-operandi

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Eating a jar of communion wafers, mmm sacrelicious

good riddance to those seven labour MPs, who are all full of shit and my Enemies

Bit late to the party on this, but that Neckbeard Deathcamp release is pretty solid

Thinking about some really cool blastbeats right now.

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My first job was a not great office job in retrospect, but there were two bright spots. The cool guy I worked with, and this guy, who was permanently baked into the white board by the time I got there

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if i were a video game enemy i would simply not expose my weak spot

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Morning, rise and grind, let's get that dread :blobderpy:

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This cough is going to claim my life, I swear to fuck

any Metallica album after ride the lightning is garbage, and that's a True Fact

If there's one thing I love to do, it's using the phrase "fake news" at every possible opportunity. I'm a master comedian

really freakin irritated. Was part way through a video, and the memory card in my camera decided to go fucky. Fucky off

I hate it when the villain asks me at gunpoint if I have any last words

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