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Do you have the time to listen to me whine?

This is how I use my CWs:
🔸️Drugs = mostly hard drugs
🔸️Rx = most are narcotics
🔸️Mh = + is positive, - is bad times
🔸️Selfie = never boost them
🔸️Name of TV show = prob a spoiler
🔸️ED = disordered eating
🔸️Ideation = feel like dying
🔸️lewd = super rare

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I have a sweet anxiety nausea but I dont feel anxious. Cool. Thanks. Maybe its dread

Fuck now I kinda wish I'd gotten GA tickets but they were so expensive. Cuz they definitely have Stage Energy. (The kind I like to see up close).
But also sitting is nice.

What if I hate it?
What if I cant find parking?
What if I get drunk?
What if my seats are bad?
What if I cant print my tickets on time? What if I run into somebody I use to know?
What if I don't cry?

More like The Worm Flints.
Are ppl still doing that bit?

Today online has been weird as heck. In that within 1hr I heard 3 ppl say my names online.

@Pixley I just looked up what Pure Flix is and I have many questions. Most importantly: Why

@Gargron because @Gattogateaux wanted to give me a break from watching Lifetime movies all the time

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I am cancelling my Pure Flix subscription now!!!!!!!

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