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Yeah you could say I'm a bit of a gamer. 😏 I've clocked thousands of hours in sudoku and pic cross. Plus, I beaT Mola Mola in like a month back in the day.

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Once I'm fully compliant with my meds a therapeutic plans its gonna be all over for all you...
Maladaptive behaviors

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Do you have the time to listen to me whine?

This is how I use my CWs:
🔸️Drugs = mostly hard drugs
🔸️Rx = most are narcotics
🔸️Mh = + is positive, - is bad times
🔸️Selfie = never boost them
🔸️Name of TV show = prob a spoiler
🔸️ED = disordered eating
🔸️Ideation = feel like dying
🔸️lewd = super rare

went on facebook for the first time in awhile and this is the first thing i see

My goal this week is to force myself to become a Fan of Imagine Dragons. As a social experiment.
There is no positive outcome.

we can all tell if you're a top or a bottom based on which pokemon versions you decide to buy

i love the part of the Movie where all of my favorite characters crawl out of the screen and Nurture me. my whole life is transformed with the support of my screenpals, I Am Now The Person I've Always Wanted To Be, but only as long as i can keep soaking up these Scenes, my Dreams

Both cats were Right next to me. Like the very shy grey one was mere inches away. But he left when I tried to take a picture. It's ok. It was still magical for a handful of seconds

@Bashabez5 @Gattogateaux
oh shit! the monks came out of germany the SAME YEAR and they are also considered proto-punk

@Gattogateaux (Let's destroy the train station / Let's destroy the train station / Demolish, demolish, demolish / Demolish, demolish the train station) hahaha

In the debate of "did punk rock originate in the UK with the Sex Pistols, or in the US with the Ramones?" the answer is unequivocally, in Peru a decade earlier with Los Saicos.

the posts don't always rule, i know. but the thought doesn't count either

Wow. This cat tolerates being held like a baby for longer than I van actually hold him. (He's heavy and I'm not very strong)

Someone once told me that the difference between me irl vs url is that
Online I'm more vain and irl I'm more angry.
But that observation was from several years ago. I'm not really sure how "vain" I am here.

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