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on the one hand, knzk is pretty neat... on the other hand, I got 2 gfs at once when I left this place. SO, take of that what you will

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imo, Marx was fundamentally wrong when he said that the June 1848 workers socialist Paris insurrection would define class politics in the era to come and when he called the Paris Commune a class conscious workers uprising. the Paris Commune was not against capital, not about the topple of things such as wage labour, accumulation, the exploitation of surplus value. it was honestly fueled by patriotism as much as working class oppression

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God damn it, I knew this would happen some day. I am planning to start a series of video essays focussed on revolution, class struggle and themes we can draw from the past. It will primarily be focused on 1789-1871and I presume most can guess the European metropolis it will mostly be centred around. Gonna take a while to get the ball rolling though

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i didn't get much work done in maths class once i figured out that you could write code on the calculator

i made a shitload of games for my calculator

the most ambitious thing i was working on was something called TI QUEST (everything had to be typed in uppercase), which was an RPG with turn-based combat, exploration, levelling, classes...

TI-BASIC only gave you 27 integer variables to work with (one for every letter A-Z, plus theta), and it didn't allow comments, so i had a few pages of my maths book dedicated to planning what to do with those variables

good times :blobcatuwu:

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and now one strat for mario kart ds that we only discovered about 2 months ago is that the mushroom kingdom is corrupt as hell so if you give lakitu $400 dollars before the race starts you can just win the game

this one goes out to the og knzkers...

happy new year. enjoy the angry fediverse nerd episode two you sick fucks

*punching myself in the crotch as hard as possible* LOOK MA I'M AN ACCELERATIONIST

no offense but apps that @ in the person who boosted a toot in a reply need to get their shit sorted

on the one hand, knzk is pretty neat... on the other hand, I got 2 gfs at once when I left this place. SO, take of that what you will

the names of those who did not abandon knzk shall be engraved upon the monuments we build to them. epics will be written, and sung for generations. and if knzk shall ever meet its true demise, those who fought will be remembered and cherished by history.

2019 will be the year of the linux desktop you guys. it's happening this time. people have put up with windows 10 for three years but they're gonna get fed up with it soon

Hey, I haven't said it on this account yet. @lynnesbian , I love you. You're amazing, funny, a kind hearted person who cares about me and I care about you, and MY GOD are you cute ❤️. And that's just the tea folks

HELLO FEDIVERSE. Reporting live from inside the husk of knzk. Things srem to be returning to normal, life prevails and flourishes once more, posts have reached loved ones at last, quality content has escaped the pit. Things are looking up for this brave community of posters.

Kome on guys, are you really still here?
Never going to leave, really?
Zionks, I respect that, ngl
K' then, I guess you really are truly loyal huh?

god knzk is absolutely abandoned its like a fucking ghost town in here

real talk tho, reason I wanna keep this as an alt is there's some damn good threads about the French revolution on this account 👀

pssssst, KNZK, don't tell the fediverse (lol, like you could) but I miss you guys :'(

Knzk is the best instance and I refuse to give up on it.

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