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oh whoops i forgot i had this account

do women obsessed with yaoi still exist or have they grown up and got a bf

No girls allowed on my timeline, if you identify close to anything female then you're not welcome, this is a boys club.

no, just because im crow doesnt mean my world has bird people in it

ive got an assignment to do but im too busy creating a writing system thats eligeble for my language

I wanna learn a slavic langauge other than russian, but the only teacher in the whole city happens to only teach russian

shoutout to both the 2 swedes, whom are also my only followers

Crow. boosted

"toe twitching? could be ALS"

shut the fuck up

Felt quite lost last night, and the past few days in general. The dread is eating away at me and everything causing it is out of my control.

Bf thinks it's hot when I smoke cigs, then he berates me for smoking... :|

Dyed hair is the female equivalent of a fedora

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