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Nono, officer, I don't *run* the (il)legal gambling ring.

How can 2 people be this adorable together

I'm hearing a lot of cute stories of a couple and it mepts my heart

Stick your dick in a coral reef, bang a chick from sydney or I don't care just fuck australia.

Morning, I declare today fuck australia day.

Good evening twitter this is eatdatpussy445 and about 30 to 40 minutes ago I beat my dick so goddamn hard I can't feel anything in my left leg, my left leg has went totally numb as well as my dick

Just because I keep my notes on my phone, my backup harddrive, my actual harddrive, my laptop and my nextcloud AND I have a physical journal but I still don't feel safe

I need a decentral. version of notekeeping apps like evernote and the other ones that are also a scam

I always leave night mode on on my phone because the yellow tint throws off people so much

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