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I'm eating a croissant while on the walk and I feel like I'm in a slice of life anime or something.

I've decided *not* to indulge too much in melancholy, it doesn't end well for anyone, at all.

according to statistics, im a statist

Yes, it is possibly to romanize every sound

What do you mean my publisher will "fire" me, I'm their biggest source of income!

What do you mean I should focus on my writing and not the conlanging

Now my plan is just to stick with a syllabary/alphasyllabary

I'm trying to make a writing system that would imitate mandarin but some things are just so confusing that I've given up.

Of course, a USE would benefit only the rich, but the population that blindly follow these people are more the problem, they give a false sense of security to the ones in charge, and seeing as most social media has become an echo-chamber it is easy for the ones completely out of touch with their population to get the wrong idea

It's not healthy to think that all your problems come from the rich. See; previous toots. The guy is attracted to the idea so much that he fails to realise that despite what the governments want, most people think in stark contrast to what their government does.

The current sociopolitical climate suggests that the ones at the top of the food-chain, the ones I’ll be referring to as ‘The Bourgeois’ or ‘The Rich’ or ‘The Wealthy’, all want for Europe to be a conglomerate of states with little to no sovereignty notable exceptions being the Italian -, the Polish -, and the Visegrad4’s governments. 3/3

Naturally, it would be alien to all the peoples, the continent has always been a cluster of warring city-states, kingdoms, princedoms and republics, the American idea of a “president” is not native to Europe. 2/3

Europe, in its current state, has existed for 26 years with the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, Europe as a continent has existed for millions of years, and Europe as an idea in people’s head has existed for millennia. The thought of a United States of Europe is a very new one, and one that only the people whom it would benefit agree on being a good idea. 1/3

I got nothing for valentines but thats only cause were both broke and would rather spend the time together (in a discord call discussing penises)

You know what they say about big boys, we have huuuge depressions.

Some people have called me that crazy dude in whiterun who keeps chanting of impending doom but do I look like I care

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