I'm gonna keep that onionshare open for a few hours for you. Get your paintings now~~

I'm doing it through an onionshare cause I can, it's art for you all, a lot of art, mostly chirstian to be honest but there's some modern/impressionist and surreal stuff, whatever you like.


I have expanded my collection of art for you

The laws of your country work not to protect its residents but those who wish to commit crime against those very same residents.

@vaporwavewitch thanks to the civilising forces, what you find nornal is to me "occult", local gods? what do you mean, theres only one god! wait so you like.. do different perspectives? *ignoring all of egyptian and mesopotamiac art* woah, thats never been done before, it looks so unrealistic! ew! but yeah, its kind of dumb in my opinion, but history is written by the victors, and in (almost) everyones eye, the victors are the oppressive anglo-saxons with not enough self awareness

@vaporwavewitch Hungary in my opinion has more of a generational disconnect, the young, no matter where they are from within the country, like to think big, move to america, become a successful programmer, or a journalist, a writer, be a famous person overseas. Hence why the ignorance, or in some cases hatred, for anything that isn't "western", I personally enjoy western art quite a bit, but also take interest in some occult matter, which, by a colonizers standpoint, your art is.

@vaporwavewitch oh thats cool, i fully endorse that, youre dumb :)

but seriously it must be pretty scheiss to live in such a delusional country, good thing i dont. isnt it weird that the 'civilised' colonial powers are all the most uncivilised places? Thonk. anyway, im now curious what the art is, what foul things have y'all done to seem childish in the eyes of canadonians.

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HIV-positive LGBTQIAPN+ people deserve acceptance.

Me and some liquid nitrogen 

oh whoops i forgot i had this account

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