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I think I’m gonna try out the name Rowan, if you call me Dylan I won’t mind, I’m probably going to keep that one, at least until I move to asia and change my identity

its literally a monument on how disgusting people can be on the internet

Billy Joel on the Charlottesville Nazis Show more

the wet season came out of nowhere... time for soup

tf witchposting Show more

p*rn* shitpost Show more

seriously, I spend way too much money on tea, somebody stop me

good morning, the reason you're infatuated with Japanese Neighborhood Aesthetic so much is because every picture you've ever seen has no on-street parking

selfie ec, i have a sunhat, boosting is mandatory Show more

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I don't wanna go to class, I just wanna lie in bed and listen to anime music

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