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I think I’m gonna try out the name Rowan, if you call me Dylan I won’t mind, I’m probably going to keep that one, at least until I move to asia and change my identity

Alternatively, I Seem To Have Simply Made The Operating System Not Be Broken

Think my windows boot on my laptop fried itself, so what’s the happenin linux build these days?

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cock torture only please ladies. my balls need to be in good shape for the rapture

broke: it’s called Mastodon
Woke: it’s the fediverse
Bespoke: monsterdong

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In all seriousness I've thought about this video almost every day for a year

do y'all trollian kids ever sleep? I mean I'm one to talk but damn.

a magical girl transformation sequence but after all the lights and ribbons and shit are done, shes the exact same but she has a gun

I found Peter Pumpkinhead I think it worked

Brb trying to complete a ritual to remember something long forgotten, as such to mend my shattered psyche

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Hey, Solidarity Comrades, We'll get through this together.

are u tired of bein nice?
dont ya jus wanna go feral

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