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me, letting the dog outside like 10 times in four hours: "h-"
the dog, shitting on the floor anyways:

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me: *running around, pointing a cool stick I got from the park at gamers and yelling "Anita Sarkeesian" like a Harry Potter spell and watching them fall over screaming racial slurs*

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I wanna get a shirt with either one of the 24/7 lofi hip hop images on it or the flying toasters from the After Dark screensavers, help me decide which

I was just held hostage at my register by an old lady from the upper peninsula who was complaining about how people in Wisconsin get so freaked out about snow

Which like yes lady but please stop getting mad and also there's a line

Love to have an incredibly frustrating job that I don’t fully understand. It’s very fulfilling and rewarding!

Other people: "boy I miss when masto was a non-stop lightning round of memes that lasted three minutes"
Me: "help I'm tired and nobody remembers weed centipede or big titty alf and my mind refuses to hyperfocus on posting anymore"

My presidential campaign will be spearheaded by my policy plan to replace every automobile in the U.S. with Ford Pintos.

We are supported by KNZKGANG every day :heart: :023:
Since I will continue continue to do better from now on, please support me🙏

My favorite thing about screenies of weird conservative servers on here is how they're so confident they'll completely change this platform and you look up their server and they're banned by like 95% of the fediverse

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