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me, letting the dog outside like 10 times in four hours: "h-"
the dog, shitting on the floor anyways:

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me: *running around, pointing a cool stick I got from the park at gamers and yelling "Anita Sarkeesian" like a Harry Potter spell and watching them fall over screaming racial slurs*

i would introduce my brother to masto but 1) he would immediately gather considerably more clout than me and 2) the entire fediverse would be melted by the burning heat of his takes

sometimes i think about posadism and hoxaism or other joke ideologies like left communism and start thinking that there's no way someone would actually believe them and then i remember that my literal brother is both an arabic commie and a french nationalist

so hey PSA apparently is run by a cop.

reminder that the police and government have a very long track record of trying to interfere with basically every sizable organization of leftists out there, and especially communists/socialists

watch each other's backs and stay safe, yall

If you've ever been a Hoxhaist, communalist, minarchist, granger, Luddite, free market libertarian or classical liberal unironically in the last 10 years you are legally banned from talking about how small a group has to be before it falls out of relevance

The irony of a self-proclaimed classical liberal minarchist saying new gender pronouns aren't relevant because the people who use them are such a small part of the population is so tangible I can almost reach out and strangle it with my bare hands.

Listening to Zendikar's Last Stand on Voice of All and I have to say the art doesn't do the story description justice.

when i successfully change the topic of the thread from laughing at australians for saying "soft drink" to americans fighting over whether it's coke/pop/soda/etc

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Immediately quitting my job and getting my teaching certificate, so I can write a Jolene parody called phonemes for my Freshman English class

Like damn, we're in a language class, sorry language has changed over time.

girl who dresses in boho-chic in my history of English class is griping about pronouns lol

hand in those fucking hippie colors, cishet white conservative girl.

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