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me on November 30th
me on December 1st

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if you whine about shitposting you're a cop

crazy how if u win with dr mario, he redpills u

*instances collapse & break constantly, forcing users to migrate & start over*

Eugen: Behold, the glory of the Fediverse!

folks @Torie is braver than the troops for doing a 'one fave = one mastodon crush" thread

I've already swapped instances twice, which feels like the limit of the effort I have to put in

so hopefully KNZK comes back because I really like the community here

so, the down side of the federation is the situation I'm in right now- an instance gets bugged, or blows up, and oh look start all over again somewhere else

some folks don't mind, or enjoy it, but I'm lazy & am really disinterested in starting from scratch at random intervals

Selfie, eye contact 🎅 Show more

When the KNZK embargo is lifted will sweep across the fediverse like the waters of the Ford of Bruinen when the Nazgûl tried to follow Frodo across

its gonna rule when knzk stops being broken and absolutely destroys our queues (irony poisoned joke after cut) Show more

Food, weird burger Show more

the ending of Susperia (2018) but the vengeful demon judges account based on whether they remained loyal to KNZK or migrated to other instances

*rides up on my goth skateboard* Bela Lugosi's.... RAD!!!! *does a sick kickflip and turns into a bat*

Hat Check
rocking a Mrs Books special today

it's irritating how using my .social account to boost my KNZK toots requires this multi-step process that has to be repeated for each individual toot

me, composing toots no one will see because of the KZNK Quarantine:

fully expecting to be the last person on KNZK, tooting into the void as we hurtle toward oblivion

my sweet new gaming rig is currently in Memphis & hurtling my way

a nice thing about mastodon is the complete lack of shit like this:

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