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if you whine about shitposting you're a cop

the time I a dad off FB for posting chemtrails BS

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excuse me traveler, won't you bide a moment and consider my wares?

Mods are asleep post your black metal solo project headshots

This looks like set design food they'd put in Seinfeld's cupboard

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The 90s were a fuckin trip, friends

was googling something or other and stumbled across this mindbender

Highly recommended anthology, Ray Russell is unfairly neglected & this is a top notch edition

Always gotta check in on Deadspin bc they periodically deliver the goods

So did Skywalker win the Game of Throne?

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Weird how the white walkers just all turned to the camera and said "Good morning, I'm Bryce Youngquist" in unison, I thought they were going to hold that reveal until later in the season

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When I drop a good and must accept the resulting accolades:

Love to live in liberal ass California wheeee

The down side is its horrific & lovingly rendered violence means I can only play it when everyone's asleep or out of the house

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