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Im thinking about moving to @Bashabez5

If you like my awful toots for some reason come follow me as I tear ass across the fediverse like a madman.

Im thinking about moving to @Bashabez5

If you like my awful toots for some reason come follow me as I tear ass across the fediverse like a madman.

Me, a seer: Outstretching my palms to welcome in the next prophecy unveiling before my blinded eyes, waiting to warn the masses of the impending doom

The gods: taking this opportunity to beat the shit out of me with baseball bats, then taking all of my money and as well as my shoes

@danishcookies Depending on how you mean tankie, then possibly, but def not "liberal" from what I've gathered

Stabbing my eyes out everytime I gaze at the internet without my protective faceshield.

My arms are broken shafts of light that rain down useless toots no one will ever boost

TODAY'S HISTORY LESSON: the oldest known instance of a groupchat dates back to the 1880s.

In the 1880s, farmers discovered that they could connect their phones to their barbed wire fences, and create a rudimentary communications network. Up to 20 people could be connected at once, but due to the lack of any numbers, if you made a call, EVERYONE'S phone would ring. Many farmers found that this actually helped with the loneliness and depression associated with the isolation of farming.

Vampires aren't real they're just a metaphor for the rich. Werewolves, however, are real.

building shrines to all my favorite instance admins to bring u power and strength and light

Alright which one of you Mastodon kiddies snuck the beers out of my fridge? You think I wouldn't notice?

Between the Lions was a better sketch show than anything Saturday Night White Boys in the Hall ever put out

I'm working with my friend on a podcast episode focused on pragerU's discourse, techniques, lies, history, and backing. It's exhausting and I've been compiling notes. But Jesus Christ. I feel like I'm wading through neck high waters of shit and vomit.

none of you would love me if you heard the coughing noises i make when i wake up

Boost if you are:
-tired of being misgendered
-ready for spring
-ready for prison abolition

Seriously some not so subtle racist shit going on in this show. If I ever see this dude in public I'm punching him directly in the face.

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia on Vice is edited to make it seem like the traditions of indigenous people's which have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years, is horrifying. I saw an episode earlier and they played the most brooding music over a scene of a dude just doing his shamanic duties. And the little fucker just kept looking at the camera terrified, then the music cleared up and he said some chemical compound names, then every time it showed the shaman a stock horror sound effect played

oh, you like the beatles? eat seven of their albums

Blowing into my phone port and charger like a fuckin Nintendo console whenever my phone won't charge.

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