This video contains a lot of Alex Jones, but it also has lots of Fallout 2

Imagine being a person who believes that every aspect of reality can be described by comparing shit to fucking Harry Potter

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Charles Manson had a rib removed because he thought the Beatles were telling him to suck his own dick

Just got back from my appointment at the doctors, the results came in, and they said I have full blown communism.

fuck terfs and fuck terf apologists. get the fuck off of this site. nobody here wants anything to do with you.

I like to imagine a global general strike that cripples the overlords.

Okay, let's play a game. I'll show you 10 pics and you have to guess which are Police officers in the US, and which are Veterans during the Iraq wars?

stop calling me a loser. we all lose under capitalism

a normal society: people need houses so we should build them

a commodity fetishist society: some people have to be homeless because otherwise some peoples money numbers will go down
there are many left tendencies and ideas but i think the moral principle behind all of them boils down to the same thing: we reject the grotesque moral logic of placing profit above human need

Viva La Revoluc..... wait, I'm sorry? Did I hear that correctly?

The Ernest memes were so bad it caused all the ghost bofa accounts to finally vanish.

But Trump is only making things worse:

An economy even more top heavy, plagued w/ more inequality than before.

And so it will crash again.

Leftists have made great strides in recruiting ppl since 2016.

The next opportunity will be the crash.

And Trumpism will be to blame.

We'll be there ready to agitate when it does.

We hope you will too.


I wear your grandad’s clothes
I look incredible
I am your grandad now
Here, have a werthers original

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