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Lo-fi chillhop beats to have a nervous breakdown to

Thinking I may go get a tattoo this week... am I having 3/8ths life crisis?

Someone (me) is leaving tomorrow morning to go to an island in the middle of the Pacific.

Take a wild guess at how productive I am being at work right now

Most of the spicy boys seem to be doing well. The Carolina reaper’s leaves yellowed due to being under watered I suspect but seem to be coming back. Also threw some oregano and cilantro in a recycled jug cause why not.

Tips and advice encouraged, I’m new to this.

I keep hear about these so-called adult sons and I’m going to ask the hard hitting question: where are all the adult daughters?

Leave for vacation crack of dawn on Saturday, needless to say a have a severe case of the “Fuckits”

good morning, to all beautiful here
Which is all of you.

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Overwatch shorts should have been called OverWatch Originals, so that the abbreviation would be OWO

Galantis' "Peanutbutter Jelly" music video still remains one of the most fun I've ever seen.

Ugh why to people call it a bripe

Use its proper name: bruv pipe

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she always was the one to roll my vape. i didn’t even have to ask. she just knew

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