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finaly.. . its time to depart on my voyage.. I christen this ship, the DV Trashcan! *throws an empty snapple bottle at the back of my car, shattering my brake light* farewell!

reddit creeps 


ok as much fun as I've been having making these silly designs, I need to go to sleep now or else tomorrow morning will kick my ass


good morning knzk. have a nice day and remember to drink your water!

probably both the best and worst shirt design so far

this should translate to "Die heterosexual" if I wrote it right

warning: extremely depressing 

trans stuff 

getting a rib removed so i can blow raspberries on my OWN tummy


silly question 

Also 37 minutes left to give me all those sweet birthday boosts, because my time zone is weird! After that, Ill just be a sad 30-something on the internet.

dumping my ex right before scorpio season was the best decision i ever made like what wonderful permission to use the horntiest season of all to reawaken my independent sexual identity

might fuck around and experience ego death

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