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Maybe she was born with it,
Maybe it's estradiol

Shut up, dirt (nsfw selfies, no nudity, no ec, boost+) Show more

me, whacking the side of my head with a rolled up newspaper: cmon brain, make the feel good juice

i have achieved sentience. anarchist girls are worth fighting for

NPR is much better at picking out classical music to play than they are at reporting the news

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we've gotten barely any snow here this winter and it's making me nervous

doing some door to door canvassing to spread the word about tranarchist furries

being an adult is wild just knowing everyone’s actually freaking out silently in their heads

do the elves fuck or like are they only into oral

Merry Marxmas to all, and to all according to their need

Sudan politics Show more

conservatives, work Show more

KNZK is kind of like Mother Base from Metal Gear but instead of everyone getting beaten up by Boss during CQC training, we get emotionally brutalized by Cheyenne posting about foreskin

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