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Livestreaming (epilepsy warning, anime warning) Show more

oh also hello friends, I hope your day is going well so far. I'm not sure how I'm feeling rn but the day is young!

due to a post pointing out that "gang" can have a negative connotation for PoC, i suggest we rebrand as "knzk collective" or something. that's what i'll be using unless someone comes up with a better name

NSFW / Lewds, nudes, selfies, no face, genitals Show more

Me too, I have to learn English again, if I want to be happy in

unfortunately its too much fun to watch all the tumblr ex-users figure out this site all at once

hey knzk gang I've been posting all day on but i still love you ❤️

television news Show more

luckily i still have time for my scheduled crying

love working an 11 hour shift on my day off

also good morning, i have work even though today is my day off and i want to go bavk to sleep

how many of you cowards giving up on the knzk gang were originally bofa rejects the beatles have never made a song as good as lemonade by gucci mane

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