Cowboy Bebop was good! The best episodes were side stories and the finale was pretty meh but the show has some great aesthetics and the dub was v nice. I think it's aged pretty well.

@Aleums bebop was a masterpiece tbh

it literally transcends genres and, at the time, was mindblowingly groundbreaking in a variety of ways (which is why they weren't allowed to air the whole thing)

@killeveryhetero ooh, I wasn't aware of that. I should do some research on it

@Aleums when it originally aired in Japan, they would only air 12 episodes (and highly censored them)

the team hated this but went along with it, placing a message in the typical bebop ending credits font at the end of the last episode which iirc read "ONE DAY, YOU WILL SEE THE FULL WORK"

sure enough,

@Aleums in NA, adult swim also censored the show pretty hard, and several episodes didn't air until years late due to similarities to 9/11 and other various catastrophic events at the time of airing


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