Stop giving gender to gods and automata

@Aleums I've used "it" for gods for a while now.

So far, no smiting.

@bryceyoungquist then they can pick it up. If you make a God and think they would want a gender, sweet.
Maybe don't default them that way, though.

@Aleums there is a great bit of chapter fiction for the dragonbloods book featuring a god trying to weasel out of his union obligations using his divine power over fertility to make the monk sent to chastise him horney

the monk is feeling it, briefly, before he remembers his job and proceeds to deliver a triple palm strike to the god's solar plexus while explaining they need his talents for the good of all, not just those the god wishes to bone down on

@bryceyoungquist this is fantastic, what an interesting deity/worshipper relationship. Monk as union whip is a cool idea.

@Aleums its one of the things i love about the setting. one of the redeeming features of the empire at the center of the world is their Immaculate Philosophy, which has as its core precept "the gods are our partners. not our masters." as carrot, they offer a spot on the Immaculate Calendar, cutting you off a slice of mandatory, empire-wide worship.

and whose wuxia kung fu monks represent the stick side of the equation.

@Aleums RPG setting. the monk story kicks extra ass because they did a great job of telling an overarching story in the chapter fiction.

it starts with the five hunting down a horrible demon-monster, and then the next several chapters are what they've gone on to do a few years later.

and then it concludes with one of them, now a desert warrior-queen beset by demons, asking the ghost of her dead husband for advice

and from beyond the grave, a whisper: "what if you put the band back together"

@bryceyoungquist oh hell yeah, that's always a great trope. What system is this setting for?

@Aleums Exalted. based on the old world of darkness rules. It was also made by people who knew shit about 1. mythology 2. sociology 3. making RPG settings

one of the good setting elements is that the Dragon-Blooded Realm, while definitely an imperial superpower with all the horrors that entails, genuinely has a pretty decent religion. including the holy rite "kill anyone who looks like they're a return of the god-kings we overthrew"

this makes them unpopular with said returning god-kings

@bryceyoungquist I will have to remember this system in case I'm offered to play it sometime. Thanks for sharing all this stuff, it really does sound sweet.

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