Hope you're all ready for Self-Driving Cars As a Service


The car of the future will come with a 50 page EULA that prevents you from modifying anything or fixing it yourself, sends the map of every trip you make back to the manufacturer, can't be resold, and won't be supported 5 years from the purchase.

If you ask me, the car of the future should simply not exist

This is a lot like what’s happening now with firmware for farm tractors

@streetvalkyrie yep, this is part of what leads me to think this. Once AI driving becomes practical, car manufacturers will want a return on the billions of dollars they've poured into research. You'll have to pay a subscription fee to keep your car running 🙃

If a properly left-wing Congress in the States ever happens, "Right to Fix" legislation needs to be a thing before it's too late. This is also applicable to the rest of the world but since U.S. intellectual property laws tend to be the pace-setter for the rest of the corporate world, it's especially urgent here.

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@Aleums I just discovered my printer was sending usage info back to the manufacturer. I can hear RMS screaming.

@Aleums that’s why i’m fixing up an 89 bronco 2 and modding it to run on CNG which i can produce myself.
>from the purchase.
Implying that they will sell cars and not only rent them.

@mangeurdenuage haha yep, gotta recoup those AI development costs somehow

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