People who trust their partners despite many past betrayals are Naive Baes

I'm gonna pin this one just for me, I don't care that it's niche

Showing this toot to my potential employers to demonstrate how knowledgeable I am of Technology

@jacethechicken I maintain that it is naïve but apparently that's only en français -_-

@Aleums English used to use the umlat to show when two consecutive vowels were not diphthong-ized -- like coöperate -- but it's fallen out of use cuz everyone thinks it's dumb.

@jacethechicken @Aleums I love how the house style of the New Yorker still insists on doing this

@Aleums @realmaxkeeble nerds made their own style guide just to fuck with us

just use CMoS like a normal fuckign newspaper, jfc

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