Small thread of Good images that are on my phone:

If da share z0ne turns out to be a problem one day I'll be real sad

that's all I got for now, please enjoy my stolen content

@Aleums this is perfect, I'm saving this image


Ferret is between rat and snake, everyone knows that.

That calls this whole chart into doubt.

@Nezchan If we're adding reptiles we're going to need to bring this into 3D

@Aleums But what about foxes?

Don't we say "Foxes are just cat software on dog hardware?"

@Vetra I like this expression. I believe the graph is two circular ribbons, and Fox is where the cat/dog ends meet. Capybara is the Rat/Horse convergence

@Aleums I will boost this every time I see it I've also RTd it a lot "back in the day"

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