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me: "Hey can I check out these whales?"
whale librarian: "Sorry, you're OWO the limit"
me: "I'm what??"
whale librarian: "One Whale Over"

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It's time for the Official Aleums Black Nuzlocke! I'll be playing through Pokémon Black using a custom ruleset to make the game more challenging and posting updates in this thread along the way.
If you want to name a Pokémon or have one named after you, let me know!

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People who trust their partners despite many past betrayals are Naive Baes

if there's anything that white moms love, its saying the word "bling"

There's a lot of books about how reading books is good. That's called propaganda.

thank you for asking. no, i don’t think it’s clear that catholic school had an effect on me

Brilliant post that featured in my dream last night 

Composed a brilliant barbershop piece on my dream last night. It's gone now

Tympole looks like it got laughed out of a fangame tbh

Your Drunk Neighbours Yell About Sharting [4 HOURS] [ASMR]

one guarantee you have from me is that, no matter how afwul this place becomes, ii will never "log off

Your Drunk Neighbours Yell About Sharting [4 HOURS] [ASMR]

Can't cred this one, sorry. It's just incredible.

It resulted in a bunch of shitty managers getting fired and the employees forming a union

My crush today told me about the time they took down their old and really shitty workplace with - of all things - a social media campaign

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