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People who trust their partners despite many past betrayals are Naive Baes

My name is Jazz Veronica, self-published author of "Bedazzling your Brain: Orgonic Meditations for Material Success"

I'm famous singer Christina Aguilera

my ego is huge and so is my beauty

tell you what... tonight I became pretty sure that a dude I met a couple weeks ago would be down to bang, AND I saw his friends again, AND I saw my friends unexpectedly, INCLUDING a friend who moved to Miami, AND walking home a dude asked me if his friend seemed like she'd eat my pussy and I asked her if she liked girls and she said she liked PEOPLE and I said me too, AND I'm gonna get a taquito

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@Sapphicgiraffic I need to find an electrician that is willing to install a soup outlet for me

@Aleums hmmmmmm ramen noodle dispensers but shaped like drinks dispensers,,,

The reason communism and anarchism haven't caught on is that we don't have enough sports teams

that’s me in the corner
that’s me in the spotlight
skanking like a villain

some WEBSITES close for sunday

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