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People who trust their partners despite many past betrayals are Naive Baes

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I'm gonna eat lucky charms and try not to think about it

My cat struggled for half an hour to kick this medical cone off but it wouldn't move so he collapsed like this and stared off into space, contemplating his new life. I made it into a cookie.

idk why that shmuck kept goin off about April, sunday is the cruelest month

hating jomny sun on twitter is a just continuation of when you fucking hated barney when you were in 4th grade but in both cases that is the correct reaction they both fucking suck

"wlw" is short for wil whea- [I am struck by blue ice from an airplane toilet]

COLLEGE DROPOUT/LATE REGISTRATION: backpack/underground rap guy
GRADUATION: “Japan is pretty cool” guy
808s: Radiohead guy
MBDTF: art student
YEEZUS: suddenly into European techno guy
TLOP: stress induced mental illness guy
YE: young republican

Hey knzk buddies for some reason I really identify with these tumblr posts but I'm not sure why

I just hope @Knzk and @y get 100% on their school tests, I don’t care if knzk doesn’t get fixed tbh. I’d die happy with their academic success :salute:


My life's gonna change a lot this week, all you beautiful humans wish me luck :sparkles_blue: :sparkles_fiery:

time to quit! time to quit smash. i don't think i'll ever top this dirtiness

(pardon the poor quality, didn't want to go download the whole match and reupload and all that nonsense, lol)

@Knzk where are you🔎
and i'm so sorry🙇‍♀️
i cannot sleep💤, i cannot dream💭 tonight🌆🌛
i need somebody👤 and always🔁
this sick😷 strange darkness⬛
comes creeping👥 on so haunting👻 every time⏰
and as I stare👀 I counted🔢
the webs🕸️ from all the spiders🕷️
catching things🦗 and eating🍽️ their insides🍖
like indecision🤔 to call☎️ you
and hear👂 your voice of treason😱
will you come home🏡 and stop🖐️ this pain💊 tonight🌃
stop🛑 this pain🤕 tonight🌌

sufjan steves really does sound like terraria soundtrack sometimes bless him

Fucking Superb You! Funky Little Cowboy

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You can now give the profile directory feature a test run on! To opt-in, navigate to "edit profile" and check the box "list this account on the directory"

If you have any hashtags in your bio, your profile will be listed under those. Directory page:

Be aware it's very new and there might be bugs. Feedback welcome, hopefully this feature will be useful!

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