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People who trust their partners despite many past betrayals are Naive Baes

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I'm gonna eat lucky charms and try not to think about it

Just realizing that Cthulhu & its ilk in RPGs have the easiest time dealing with players who can't make a given session: The GM pretends there's never been any such character.

Gaslight the whole team. They may remember embarking with Dr. Honeycarp but that's impossible, there's no such person, okay let's go.

Bonus points to:
) Any player willing to also say they don't remember the missing character
) Any player who remains suspicious of the reality of the returning char. when they come back

let's all meet in Toronto. we'll take over and eat Doug Ford.

Hope yโ€™all are remembering to drink water and stay hydrated!

reboxing videos: the new youtube trend where angry boomers pack the whole damn thing back up to return it to the store and demand a refund from the manager

jack's mom: you literally sold our cow for beans
jack: "they're magic beans"
jack's mom: no
jack: "mom they clear out your toxins"

you come to me on this day, the day of my nap.

I had no internet for two whole hours, but I persevered. And now...
:hacker_b: :hacker_a: :hacker_c: :hacker_k:
:hacker_o: :hacker_n: :hacker_l: :hacker_i: :hacker_n: :hacker_e:

@Aleums @BestGirlGrace @thatcosmonaut More like a champion of the monarchy. The yoshis are the true heroes.
1.) They have a fruit-based barter economy.
2.) When they find baby Mario, they decide to split the work of carrying him amongst themselves equally, and
3.) They are an oppressed people who are treated like slaves by the likes of Mario, the very person they saved as an infant. That just speaks to how much of a class traitor Mario is.

@dayglochainsaw @Aleums @selontheweb @starwall @thatcosmonaut Science and technology expand our capabilities, but they don't tell us how we should use them.

@Aleums @thatcosmonaut
Link: destined hero of time, bougie, basically never has to worry about money
Mario: just some working man, the plumber is a hero of the people, always has 99 or fewer dollars

too sleepy to participate in leisure activities ๐Ÿ˜”

@selontheweb @starwall yea science is nice i like having medicine and shit so i dont die, what i dont like is literally all life experience being reduced to empirical measurements
"It's basic game theory and behavioral economics, just applied to a marriage." said the extremely normal society
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