@Adoxographer I mean it's great that they get to stand outside, because at highschool (not USA) we had to listen to them talking shit in classes and only a couple of the other pupils I was with where actively trolling them, asking straight-forward questions, and trying to push them out of class.

@Adoxographer This is the real reason conservatives oppose m4a: it would hurt recruiting

@Adoxographer Ever hear of the phrase "economic conscription"? The US military depends on it for recruits.

@starbreaker Yep and yep--it's a pretty good job in an economy without many options for non-academic 18-year-olds, but if they have options that don't involve endangering their lives, well...

@Adoxographer Would you believe that lack of a good wage was why I wanted to Join the Air Force to begin with

@Adoxographer is this guy suggesting this is a bad thing because this absolutely rules

@Adoxographer goddamn $15 minimum wage?? brb moving away from this $8.5 minimum wage

text in screenshot (twitter post by Nike Rosenbers):
What it's like for the Army to recruit in
Seattle, where recruits make less than the
city's $15 min wage
*After 3.5 weeks, they signed up 2 people
*Stood for hours all alone at a booth next to
Space Needle
*At high school event, 0 students met w/

@Adoxographer How can the army pay less than the minimum wage? Isn't the idea of a minimum wage that that is the least you pay? Will these recruits be employed outside Seattle?

@branko @Adoxographer

Free housing, healthcare and other benefits in the military offset low looking hourly pay rate and add up to decent standard of living, as long as you don't die doing your job.

@chrisod @branko @Adoxographer a decent standard of living assuming you're fine basically not having rights and being told when to shit. Plus the whole murder/death thing.

@branko @Adoxographer less than *the city's* minimum wage - the army's base pay for new recruits evens out above federal minimum wage, but below seattle's city minimum wage.

if you're not from the US or don't know - federal minimum wage is is $7.25/hour, but many states and cities have different rates above that. fed. minimum wage is the baseline nationally but that's all.

hope that was clear enough, sorry if i explained badly.

@aflightybroad @branko Which is yet another reason why the fight for (federal) $15 is so important (and so vehemently opposed by the capital classes).

@branko @Adoxographer I'm not from the USA, so I can't be sure, but my guess is that the army is not subject to state and city employment laws, only federal ones (if even those)

Don't worry, army recruiting is doing a better job shooting themselves in the foot than an outside entity could manage.

Recruiting HQ is so far out of touch with their recruiters and banned cold-calling (thankfully), and facebook leads, two important tools.

Constant demands of their recruiters to keep pushing higher numbers and berate those who don't (most). Numbers over quality.

Getting selected to do recruiting sucks so bad a lot of people literally choose to leave the army rather than reenlist to avoid that bullshit. Recruiters lives generally suck. Genpop + their bosses hate them

@TurboWolf it's depressing that cold calls on Facebook or even tools they were allowed to use in the first place

Yeah I don't agree with a lot of recruiting tactics, but the issues are top-down. Not all recruiters suck, mine didn't, but it's seen as one of the worst jobs in the army.

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