@Adoxographer always good to remember that change.org is a for profit company despite the dot org :blobderpy:

@Adoxographer yup!! i have a friend who’s an engineer there. they’re a b-corp (so like a company “for social good”) but that barely means anything tbh

@pbandkate @Adoxographer There are more ethical alternatives for all the websites that spy on us. You can see a list here:


Instead of change.org i would recommend webform, wethepeople or mysociety

@Roland @pbandkate Yeah, but is wethepeople or mysociety as ineffectual and pointless as change.org? ROASTED

@pbandkate @Adoxographer not surprising! all NGOs are capitalist shit. they're just more liberals exploiting people for wages and belief that petitions do much of anything.

@Adoxographer I've replaced AAA with your username. How are your flat tire skills?

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