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Whenever you hear someone say "everything happens for a reason," well, if it makes someone feel better, that's fine. But (A) it's false, and (B) that belief, known as "just world" theory, correlates strongly with victim-blaming, authoritarianism, and conspiracy theory. Letitia Anne Peplau and Zick Rubin do the science in "Who Believes in a Just World?"

@Knzk - any progress? our beloved knzk has been broken for a long time...

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On this day, 4 December 1969, Chicago Black Panther leader Fred Hampton was murdered while asleep in his bed during a raid on his apartment by Chicago Police.

Rest In Power.

John Green's body lies a-mouldering in the grave,
His soul's marching on.

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please be patient with nzws as he works on fixing, he's got exams and is working really hard to get stuff fixed but he's a busy dude trying his best to solve a mysterious problem

I know the knzk issues are rough but....... the team is working on a solution.

Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince, Dr. Phil, and Bam Margera’s dad are all the same character, as interpreted by different actors.

For new people:
The fediverse has been around for around a decade now, and it's not going to "die" any time soon.
Other centralized social media encourages bad habits to keep engagement, but we're not about that here. It takes time to shake those bad habits, but do your best and you'll get used to it. Thanks to the public timelines, everyone has an audience right away here, so nobody worries about follower count/ratio. We're here to have a good time, not to get "clout".

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