boost this to convince me to call the doctor to set up an appointment to get help for my mental illness (this is the strangest, most authentic and shameless thing I've ever tooted)

everyone who has boosted this is objectively a kind person and i follow them now

@Absolutely_Blakely The Daibutsu approves this message.

Love for oneself is the beginning of love for all.

@Absolutely_Blakely i always procrastinating setting these things up but I am always so relieved once I have done them. You can do it, i believe in you

@Absolutely_Blakely I know you did this already but I wanted to provide retroactive support for you, even though you're a class traitor. 😬

@0actualgravitas thanks a lot <3

but i dont acknowledge presidents. only kings

@Absolutely_Blakely I was democratically elected by the other members of my commune. And by commune I mean everyone in my apartment.

@0actualgravitas @Absolutely_Blakely oh shit I was recalled and replaced by my succulent plant. Totally ok tho. That plant really knows what they're doing.

@Absolutely_Blakely whenever I know I need to do something scary, like go to the dentist or do taxes, I put it on my calendar but I don't mention the bit that's scary. I just write "drive to ABC Dentistry, bring iPod" not "go get tooth pulled."

By the time they're actually pulling my tooth, I'm along for the ride, I've got novacaine, I've got soothing music, and wow, the toothache is getting fixed!

Blocking out the time and making the first step is the hurdle to overcome. You can do it <3

@Absolutely_Blakely you can do it! Just pick a time to dial some random phone number. Or in my case, promise myself that I'll put on running shoes after work tonight. No reason, just feel like wearing running shoes... ;) <3

@Absolutely_Blakely good luck with the call! That's a big step but a really good one

@Absolutely_Blakely you absolutely are. Good job taking care of yourself today!

@bamfic thank you so much. I made an appointment for friday with a psychologist, but the earliest a psychiatrist could see me is November :/

@Absolutely_Blakely Start with a MFCC or LCSW. Or just a therapist. They can 1) help, and 2) may have a hookup with a psychiatrist who can get you in earlier.

@Absolutely_Blakely it’s something I wish I’d done many years before I finally did. I also wish I’d tried different doctors until I found one who wanted to help me get better rather than treat the symptoms. Good luck!

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