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Alright. I'm gonna be smart about this and just fucking move now. I'll leave this account up for about 24 hours for any of my friends. You'll see me on radical town.

Sheriff can't solve this goddamn case

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using the FEMA broadcast system to notify everyone in America I’ve changed instances

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I'm a sheriff. What's that, you ask? Well, I keep the peace round these parts mostly. Boost the odd toot. But I'm not an admin or a mod, so much like a real cop, I'm completely useless

its called a crush cos you want them to crush your head between their thighs

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@horrowfide No but see, the one true marker of social media success is whether or not William Shatner can do it

what is it like in paradise? do the water fountains have gamer girl pee?

45% absurd fictitious statements
45% absurd biographical statements
10% bad meme chop shop

At replies:
100% sincere engagement

20 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, and Gerard Way

now we have no Jobs, no Hope, no Cash, and no Way out!!!!!!!

@matt i cant believe matt has been cute this whole time

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I've drinks and feelin' like a damn thot

JOHN MCCAIN: Welcome to Heaven, Gerard

GERARD WAY: Man, this is just like my song Welcome To The Black Parade off of the album Black Parade released October 26, 2006 by the band My Chemical Romance

PRINCE: Yep, sure is


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