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Why don't the proletariat, the largest class, simply eat the other classes

someone on here talked about a band that was like Black Sabbath with pan flutes and i wish i could find them if anyone knows or remembers or if you’re the one who posted it i would appreciate it a lot.

thankful for my friends that read leftist theory then explain it to me so i don't have to

I just remembered that question time is an actual tv show and people watch it, like every week, that is some wild shit

A cool fact about me is that I have no idea how to talk about music, or movies, or books, or really any art I like or dislike, it's a fun way to be

I will remain loyal to this bit no matter what

A new box means a new battle for box domination. Round one goes to Siegfried. Wotan awaits his opportunity

Please just keep layering on the guitars until I'm crushed by the weight of many simultaneous feelings

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