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Why don't the proletariat, the largest class, simply eat the other classes

"Doctor, you are a sensualist."
"You bet your pointed ears I am."

Don't like that they keep bringing out all these new people that are younger than me

[twitter voice] we received your ∞ reports

Me, thinking: maybe it's time to stop shitposting so much. It's fun, but what do i really get out of it? i'm sure i can figure out a way to stay involved in the community here without relying on terrible posts all the time

Me, posting: i feel slimy and i want spaghetti

yeah, I'm a REPLY GUY

R eally
E njoy your content. however, there's a few points of misinformation I'd like to clear up about your last
P ost,

good luck hacking me i got 7 antivirus toolbars on my internet explorer

My favorite toots might be the little fictional vignettes where the speaker is very stupid and VERY confident, bonus points if it ends with the phrase "killing me instantly"

my strong stance on boiled potatoes has once again got me in hot water with the shuffleboard association

*draws a single card from a tarot deck*

*it's as receipt from Costco for a gallon of mayonnaise*

This is an ominous sign indeed.

either vaccinate or don't be responsible for kids or animals

God grant me the ability to cancel the people I cannot own,

the wit to dunk on those I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

time to walk into calculus and say “this material? quite derivative, if you ask me.” i am not enrolled in the class yet i do this every day

friend zone. a zone filled with friends. i would love to go to there

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