self minimalism appears to be currently underrated

Focus on yourself first
It's okay
It's hard to explain
I really wish that post-left anarchist literature and its relatives were more popular
Here are some good starters

With so many distractions trying to rip individuals apart in this world...

I'm considering setting up a pleroma instance. My favorite thing about pleroma at this point is the text limit, my second favorite is the option to post in html.
I've got a lot of reading up to do if I take this on, but it's a nice idea.
Honetly I'm just expressing my feelings though, not really saying anything of signifigcant value

So does anyone else think that handshakes are maximum gender role?
- I shake a man's hand, he holds his hand firmly
- I shake a woman's hand, she's going awkwardly easy
- Both of these people hold positions of authority above me
Maybe I'm just a little bit of a socially illiterate shut-in, but I feel like this is just another load of legacy aigricultural revolution garbage that we don't need to keep around
Maybe I just can't read people, or am making a mistake in my understandings of sex/gender

getting follows from intellectuals so I can help damper them down

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It's really hard for me to adjust to pronous so I just try to refer to everyone as "they"
And don't tell me you've never fucked up at the english Language unless your a grammar nazi, a subset of nazis, all of whom are punched in the face with the same conditioned pronouning as I learned from reading books
4837 counts of assault

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this is a dickument
to prove that I was lewd

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People like me are the reason that craigslist gets a bad wrap, trying to avoid using facebook for anything personal is for weirdos

adding "I only room with pet cat exclusionists" to my ad on craigslist

The Coco de Mer (Lodoicea maldivica) is a rare palm tree from the Seychelles, which grows the world's largest wild fruit, containing the world's largest seed.

The fruit may be 40-50cm in diameter and can weigh up to 30kg. They take 6 or 7 years to grow and ripen, and the seed takes 2 years to germinate.

As you might expect, the flowers that produce those fruit are huge – the largest of any palm tree. When it germinates, the cotyledons which sprout from these seeds can be up to 4m in length!

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not in the mood to interact with people today
maybe we really do hate every holiday ever

qutebrowser is teh bee's knees for touchscreens and is now my favorite app for mastodon, get fucked, mouse

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