I'm ready for more of this. Hopefully not much more being stuck in hotels due to weather. Can think of better/preferred company, too.

The workplace is all a big war about us not wanting to be there and them not wanting to pay us

the real heroes of this world are people who put old anime on youtube

Considering joining a neighbor a few football fields away in watching a movie

saying a thing you personally happen to do is 'queer culture' is queer culture

I'm self-critical out the ass and I somehow can't take criticism from others well in whatever way I can
It runs in the family
It's fucked
I want to experience the minds of laid back people sometimes

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"Eliza, why are you so against self-driving cars, when you yourself are a tech industry veteran?"

You see, it is *because* I am a tech industry veteran that I fear them so much.

And if you could understand how most things were coded, you would never trust anything a programmer touched ever again.

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